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Detailed information about Universal & Long Boot Bottom Load Pleated Bag

Suitable for:

Sun Filter’s Universal and Long Boot Pleat Plus® Bottom Loading Pleated Bags provide an alternative to conventional filter bags.

These Bottom Load Pleated Bags are installed from the dirty side using a soft polyurethane top cap.

Sun Filter’s Bottom Loading pleated bag is designed for applications up to 225°F  and can be equipped with any of Sun Filter’s high quality filter media, including FDA compliant media, making it suitable for various industries and dust types, including food, textile, abrasive, toxic and explosive dust.


Material (standard) Material (alternative)
Top cap 225°F Urethane
Inner Core Helix, expanded metal galvanized Stainless steel, plastic
Bottom cap
Intergrated Molded Bottom (IMB)
Outer Bands Riveted anchor bands
Filter media Can be equipped with Sun Filter’s
filter media selection
Length 10″ – 80″