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Industrial Filtration for the Steel Industry

Manufacturing in the steel industry consists of a series of primary and secondary processes. Primary steelmaking involves the conversion of liquid iron and steel scrap into steel, while the secondary consists of adding alloying agents and removing inclusions to produce high quality steel after casting.

The operating environment in the steel industry ranges from 275 F to 500 F plus, with abrasive conditions, moist heat, heavy grain loading, batch grain loading and spark resistance required in some instances. Typical steel industry applications include:

  • Melt Shop/Canopy Evacuation
  • Ladle Furnace
  • Lime & Carbon Handling
  • Alloy Systems
  • KO-61 Material Handling Silos
  • Motor Control Rooms

We have a variety of pulse-jet and reverse-air bag solutions to capture the dust generated by steel industry processes.  We have the capability to manufacture a variety of filter bag and pleated bag constructions including fiberglass with membrane and Seamless Tube®. Our sales and technical team have years of experience in the steel industry, and we are well positioned to analyze the dust problem, and select the optimal solution to meet your needs.

Our Filter Designs:

  • Fiberglass or PTFE thread
  • Carbon steel or stainless steel rings and caps
  • Fiberglass or felt cuffs