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Gas Turbine

Industrial Filtration for the Gas Turbine Industry

The blades of the gas turbine and other systems that produce electricity from natural gas are costly. This equipment draws in air through inlet filter houses, mixes the air with natural gas and then this combination is used to generate electricity using a gas turbine. Gas pipelines have similar inlet filters, with typically fewer filter units per compressor station.

SUN Filter and Nordic Air Filtration, all part of the MFRI Group, develop and manufacture air inlet gas turbine filters. Together we provide high technology air filtration solutions for all operating environments around the globe. Our cartridges are installed in air inlet houses for large enterprises such as GE, Siemens, Alstom, Turbomach, Solar and many other gas turbines around the world. Each one of our filters are manufactured in the United States and Europe, using only documented and certified materials and manufacturing methods.

With our vast gas turbine filtration experience and our wide range of high quality filter media and material, SUN Filter offers a custom solution for your specific air inlet filtration needs, replacement filter elements as well as on-site technical field support. SUN Filter offers solutions for operating environments including:

  • Cylindrical and conical sets
  • Panel filters
  • Twist Lock and Square Flange cartridges
  • Pre-filters
  • Mini Pleat

Our R& D Departments and manufacturing sites located in the US and Denmark work closely together to ensure our international customers receive high quality products. In everything we do, we strive to exceed customers expecataions by continuously developing innovative filtration solutions that increase performance and reduce costs for our customers.