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Detailed information about Sonic Horns

Suitable for:

Avoid Costly Particulate Blockages & Unscheduled Shutdowns

With SUN Filter’s Acoustic Sonic Horn, you will:

  • Reduce unscheduled shutdowns by helping eliminate hopper and silo blockages
  • Lower maintenance costs by enhancing your cleaning system
  • Reduce pressure drop

Use Acoustic Energy to Aid or Replace Inadequate Shaker and Reverse Air Baghouse Cleaning Systems

This state-of-the-art technology will reduce unscheduled shutdowns and lower maintenance costs by keeping your dust collection system clean.

SUN Filter’s sonic horn product line features the use of acoustic energy to aid or replace inadequate reverse air and shaker dust collector cleaning systems:

  • Our Sonic Horns have been successfully used in hoppers, silos, SCRs, fans, and boiler tubes to fluidize dust/ash deposits
  • Our 3A/Dairy grade Sonic Horns has been successfully applied in food, dairy & pharmaceutical baghouses, spray dryers and hoppers to fluidize and move materials
  • Our Industrial Grade Sonic Horns are effective in reducing pressure drop, increasing bag life, decreasing manual cleaning and reduce hopper blockages