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Detailed information about Hangers & Spring Assemblies

Suitable for:

Extend Your Filter Life with Hanging Assemblies

Replacement of worn, bent or poorly designed hanging assemblies in Reverse Air and Shaker systems can extend filter bag life and improve cleaning and overall equipment performance.

Shaker/Hanger Assemblies for Shaker Baghouses

Shaker baghouse hanger parts are subject to stress and mechanical wear, and should be closely inspected to ensure they are not bent, stripped, broken or corroded. A failure in the shaker mechanism will allow the bag to become too relaxed and can quickly reduce air flow, efficiencies and system balance by not properly shaking the bags.

Spring Assemblies for Reverse Air Baghouses

Reverse air baghouses use spring assemblies for bag support and tensioning. Many reverse air systems have poorly designed spring assemblies which result in premature bag failure and ineffective cleaning. Sun Filter’s spring assemblies have been designed with careful consideration for your baghouse performance. Your system will benefit from longer bag life, reduced pressure drop, increased air volume and lower maintenance costs.

Our options include:

  • Linear, conical or barrel springs
  • 17-7 ph stainless or chrome silica wire in a variety of dimensions
  • J-bolts and double drawbar assemblies
  • Pins and washers
  • Strap and loop hangers for shaker bag use