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Sun Filter provides advanced technology solutions for gas turbine air filtration for all operating environments in all parts of the world. Our gas turbine filter cartridges are installed on GE, Siemens, Alstom, Turbomach, Solar and many other gas turbines around the world.

Gas Turbine Efficiency

We can improve the efficiency of your gas turbine by supplying you with high-performance filter cartridges. We have in-house expertise to select the right media and construction materials for your filters and design them to meet your unique needs.

We offer custom solutions for your specific air inlet filter needs as well as in-house laboratory services, free filter life expectancy evaluations and on-site technical field tests and services.


conical_cyl_steel conical_cartridge conical_cylindrical cf_square_galv
Conical & Cylindrical Cartridge cylindrical Filter Cartridge Conical Filter Cartridge Square Flange Filter Cartridge
gt_-_1-2424_cfs twistlock-fritlagt gtprefilterwrap
CFS (Composite Filter System) Cartridge for Gas Turbine Twist Lock Filter Cartridge Pre-Filter Wraps and Panels