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An extension of our customer’s engineering department

The R&D department at Sun Filter is fully capable of acting as an extension of our customer’s engineering department. Our strong technical team and extensive laboratory facilities allows us to provide a variety of services to our Global customers such as:

  • Standard Analytical Tests
  • Custom Tests
  • Mullen Burst Testing
  • Microscopic Photography
  • Particle Sizing

Our Standard Analysis includes:

  • Filter Service Life Testing (how much life is left in your filter)
  • Reverse Engineering
  • Failed Filter Analysis (Cause of Failure)
  • Contaminant Analysis (Type/amount/dust loading characteristics)

Our Prototype Design Testing

  • Tests all new designs thoroughly

Custom Tests include:

  • Full Scale Restriction to 1300 SCFM
  • Pulseablility
  • Particle Analysis
  • Filtrate pH
  • Filtrate Hydrocarbon/Oil Contamination
  • Microscopic Analysis and Micrography