TurboWeb®- XE Ultra High H12 (HEPA) / E12 (EPA)

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Filter class: H12 (HEPA) / E12 (EPA)

100% synthetic media with efficiency laminate.

TurboWeb® – XE  is the highest efficiency Pulse GT filter media on the market with >99.5 efficiency on the most penetrating particle size.

It is a E12/H12 pulse media which is unique as it eliminates the need for offline water wash resulting in no down time for up to 8000 hours. It offers the exceptional HEPA efficiency and dust release due to its unique e-class membrane which removes submicron, dust, salt, water and hydrocarbon.

With XE you will benefit from No Downtime and up to 6 % increase in Power Output lowering your Total Cost of Ownership.

Initial efficiency Excellent
EN1822 Rating E12 (EPA) / H12 (hepa)
Average initial efficiency
MERV Test Results – Standard Cartridge Configuration
E1: 99.7%
E2: 100%
E3: 100%
Moisture Resistance Excellent

Efficiency versus Particle diameter in % (EN1822)




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TurboWeb®-XE filter media is suitable for: Offshore Arctic Tropical Urban Coastal