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Detailed information about Round Flange Cartridge Filters

Suitable for:

Sun Filter provides Round Flange replacement filter cartridges in lengths up to 80″. These cartridge flange filters are commonly found in dust collectors made by OEM’s such as Donaldson, CDE, C&W, Wheelabrator and more*.

The Round Flange filter cartridges are ideal for air filtration of dust and fumes from cement, metal/aluminum, food & beverage, wood work, chemicals, powder coating, plasma/laser cutting, sand blasting, textiles, welding and casting.

Please contact us if you have any questions about Sun Filter’s Round Flange replacement filter cartridges or our other filters.

*Donaldson, CDE, C&W and Wheelabrator are are all trademarks of their respective companies  – Sun Filter is in no way affiliated with any of these companies.


Material (standard) Material (alternative)
Top cap Galvanized Stainless steel
Gasket Foaming urethane Neoprene, EPDM, Silicone, Poly Isoprene
Inner core Helix, expanded metal galvanized Stainless steel, tomato cage
Outer Bands, expanded metal galvanized Stainless steel, tomato cage
Bottom cap Galvanized Stainless steel
Filter media Can be equipped with sun filter Filter Resources/TDC Filter’s
filter media selection
Length 10″-52″ 52″-80″