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Detailed information about Flat Cell Panel Filters

Suitable for:

Sun Filter’s Flat Cell filters are suitable for a majority of the current dust collectors including Trumpf®, Herding®, WAM® and Handte®.

Flat Cell filters can substitute Sintered Plate Filters and different mounting options are available.

Sun Filter’s Flat Cell Panel filters can be equipped with any one of our 25+ different high quality pleated filter media making it suitable for various industries and dust types, including abrasive, toxic and explosive dust.

Trumpf®, WAM®  Herding®& Handte are all trademarks of their respective companies –Sun Filter is in no way affiliated with these companies



Material (standard) Material (alternative)
Top cap Molded polyurethane (PU) – hard Molded polyurethane (PU) – soft
Gasket EPDM
Bottom cap  Molded polyurethane (PU) – hard Molded polyurethane (PU) – soft
Filter media Can be equipped with Sun Filter’s
filter media selection
Dimensions & alternative material: contact us or request datasheets